11 Keyways To Keep The Love In Your Relationship

Love is the most important component of a healthy romantic relationship. Being in a relationship is not always a bed of roses. Partners share their experiences, relationships, friendships, and their offsprings as well. Love ensures that your relationship stands the test of time. Researchers have found easier ways of sustaining love in a relationship.


Show gratitude

When two people live together, they make efforts to keep each other happy and satisfied. It is healthy to say ‘thank you’ to your partner for even the smallest of their efforts. According to studies, showing gratitude towards your partner has a long-lasting positive impact. Everybody wants to be praised and praising your partner in a romantic relationship enhances their willingness to do more for you too.


Be kind

Daily grind and stressors destroy our mood to a greater extent. However, this does not mean that we can displace our anger towards our partner. They also have stressors in their lives and being kind with them can help them forget their stressors for a while and enjoy the moment. Kindness should be shown through words as well as actions. With the passage of time, people start taking their partners for granted which can make things difficult and complicated. People should utilize every opportunity to treat their partners positively.

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Spend time with your partner

As time passes, people start getting bored and feel that there is nothing left to explore in their partners. This can develop interest elsewhere. Spending high quality and high quantity time can prevent the loss of interest in your partner. Asking deeper questions from your partner, when two of you are spending time together, can sustains interest which in turn sustains love.


Make a lot of eye contact

New couples do it a lot, but people stop doing it often as their relationship grows older. They do not realize that it is especially useful for keeping romance alive in a relationship. Research has found that looking at your love stimulates the same reward system in the brain as when you win a lottery. Also, it releases dopamine which ignites feelings of immense happiness.



Make someone happy whom your partner loves

Showing respect and love for someone whom your partner love will help you in gaining major points. When people enter in a relationship with someone, they need to realize that they also need to develop stronger bonds with loved ones of their partner too. Doing something great for the loved ones of your partner can increase respect in your partner’s heart for you.  Respect brings love along.


Communicate your feelings

The magnitude of the feelings of love cannot be concentrated in a few words. However, people should communicate their feelings through words and actions on a regular basis. Telling someone that you love them can make their day. It is enough for them to feel valued and loved. Interestingly, regular confessing of feelings to one’s partner can help the couple stand strong in the face of hurdles and hardships.


Please your partner sexually

Sex is a basic human need. It boosts love between partners. It keeps them interested in each other. One of the reasons that older couples start losing interest in each other is that they stop having sex. Knowing what turns you, partner, one can help to boost your place in their life. Also, trying new things while making love can help in the secretion of more hormones making the experience more thrilling.


Prioritize them

It is very important to prioritize your partner. Entering a relationship means that one has decided to devote all of their energy and time to a person. But if they do not receive the same amount of dedication in return then this can make them feel unwanted which definitely becomes a threat to a relationship. Prioritizing your partner is not difficult and involves remaining by their side, getting off work a few hours early, buying them flowers or chocolates, hanging out with them, or taking care of them when they get sick. You should treat your partner in a way that they stay in a relationship out of love and not out of obligation only.

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Try to solve problems

As mentioned earlier, being in a relationship is never easy. Problems arise. Conflicts arise. Two people definitely can have disagreements. However, working on differences can do wonders. Instead of discussing your relationship problems with a third person, partners should discuss and work on problems together without involving a third party. Involving a third party can initiate misunderstandings. Other people intentionally or unintentionally complicates the existing problems making the situation even worse.


Revisit the past

Revisiting old memories, photos, places can bring back the lost charm in a relationship. It can help in remembering what brought two of you together. It helps in celebrating the success of staying together even in the face of hurdles. It gives hope in a difficult time too. It helps in realizing that the two of you were able to solve conflicts previously and you can again work together to regain the stability in your relationship.


Keep The Love In Your Relationship


Prioritize yourself too

It might sound irrelevant but prioritizing oneself can keep your partner interested. Prioritizing yourself means that you should take good care of your hygiene and health. Nobody wants to sleep with a smelly or dirty looking partner. Love yourself and spend money and time on yourself to look presentable to your partner. Maintain a healthy body weight, do exercise, and try to maintain an attractive figure. A beautiful body and good looks are enough to keep your partner interested.

These are just fewer ways of boosting love in a relationship. There are multiple other ways and you know what works best for your relationship. Knowing your partner can make it easy for you to identify what makes them happy. Love can be shown in numerous ways. It is not always necessary to buy a luxury car or a diamond ring to make them happy. Sometimes a kiss is enough to make them feel at the top of the world. Praise them. Prioritize them. Make them feel valued. Always appreciate their efforts. Be grateful for what they do. Most importantly, do not cheat in a relationship. Lost love can always be brought back but lost trust can never be.

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