5 Activities That Nurture Your Spirit

5 Activities That Nurture Your Spirit

Surrendering is the highest aim of any spiritual path. The word surrender may be associated with weakness or defeat, which is the most solid spiritual action offering boundless possibilities and freedom. Believing in God, higher intelligence, and the universe can help you attain anything, even when you can’t predict the aftermath of a situation.

At the spiritual stage, you don’t need to force or struggle situations to go your way. Everything takes place impeccably. Learning to let go at once is quite difficult; it requires a path of many small steps.

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Here are some ways to keep nurturing your spirit:

1. MEDITATION: There are many reasons why we meditate: we meditate to lower your stress, and we meditate to improve your focus, reduce brain chatter amongst other reasons. Meditation is one of the activities that nurture your spirit. While meditating, you’re in a state of connecting with your present; meditation isn’t about becoming a better person; it’s about training one’s consciousness and achieving a healthy sense of interpretation. Eventually, you may start to understand your thoughts or feelings; it’s not necessarily about turning them off. You’re only learning to spot them without judgment.

Nurture Your Spirit | Wetsu Publishing

2. YOGA: Yoga has been a great way of increasing strength and heart health. Yoga helps keeps sickness at bay, heal pains and aches, and also improves health. Once you understand the importance of yoga to your spiritual life, you will be motivated to step on your mat regularly. Yoga also helps you keep address weight and eating problems; you’ll become a conscious eater encouraged by your emotional and spiritual dimensions.

3. DEDICATE TIME FOR SELF REFLECTION: Self-reflection is a meditation about one’s actions, characters, and motives. It’s about taking time to reflect on your beliefs, life, and behavior. Many people don’t understand why they need self-reflection, so they don’t see any reason for doing self-reflection. When you take a step back from a situation, self-reflection changes your perception and allows you to see and understand things from another angle.

There are times when we do something to someone or say something to them. We don’t often realize how bad they were or how hurtful they were. We start to reflect, and which we hadn’t done it, we wish the moment could be taken back, but they’re gone, so the essence of self-reflection here is against some other time so that it won’t happen again, or the least we could do is apologize so we can also be in a better state of mind. Self-reflection serves many purposes in our life; sometimes we keep striving to achieve something, but yet with the whole efforts we still get the same results over again, so we take time to reflect and think because when we keep doing things the same way we keep on getting the same result.

Nurture Your Spirit | Wetsu Publishing

4. LET THE SPIRIT LEAD: When you are addicted to doubt, worry, and control, you tend to lose focus at all times. Don’t pay attention to the voice that says you have to listen to these things; worrying does nothing rather than taking our happiness. Allow opportunities to come your way, letting the spirit lead, and what will be will surely be. You should free your mind off trying to take control of everything. For example, when bad things happen, you get scared, and out of fear, you sometimes make the wrong decisions, and afterward, you start to regret it. Rather when bad things happen, we should be the ease with ourselves first, by that the right decisions will be made. Things will fall in place just how they’re expected to.

5. DON’T JUDGE PEOPLE: It’s easier to judge people when we are not on the same page as them, don’t be tempted to judge anyone, you should always remember that as humans we are bound to err, and there’s no perfection in what we do except for we always try our best. Individual differences should be respected at all times. When you are quick to judge people, your mind seizes to be at peace because you’re always concluding. Your view about people around you should always be positive no matter what they do; you should understand that you also have flaws, so judging people will only disturb your peace of mind.

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