11 Easy Ways To Begin Preparing For Survival

11 Easy Ways To Begin Preparing For Survival

Ever since the COVID-19 outbreak has begun, people are realizing now more than ever, how important being ready for an unexpected emergency is. Being prepared does not have to mean associating with people who think the world is going to end tomorrow. Being prepared for an unexpected emergency can be as simple or as complicated as you would like to make it. Some people might be worried about how much prepping is going to cost them, but it can be as cheap or as pricey as you want to make it. You can prepare with your goals and budget in mind the whole time. Keep reading for some small steps you can take to ensure that you and your family will survive an unexpected emergency.

Ways To Begin Preparing For Survival

Educate Yourself

The best resource you can possibly invest in is knowledge. Read and watch as many survival skills-related blogs, books, articles, and YouTube videos as you can. Learning the theory behind survival skills and having that knowledge in your brain will help you if you ever need to survive. You can learn about a vast array of skills that could potentially help you, including plant identification, gardening, primitive cooking, and many more.

Practice, Practice, Practice

All the knowledge you gain from reading about survival skills is useless if you do not have real-world experience with the skills. Try starting a fire with no matches, cooking with primitive supplies, or identifying plants in the wilderness. If you only practice one skill a week on the weekends, you are still becoming more prepared than most people.

Ways To Begin Preparing For Survival


Plan and Budget

This is one step that will help you achieve exactly what you are looking for. Write down your goals and budget. It sounds simple but thinks hard about what you are trying to accomplish. Think about various emergencies or natural disasters that could happen in your area. Then figure out how much you are willing to spend. Once you have done this, you can start preparing.

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Begin Buying the Basics

When you are starting out preparing, it is a good idea to buy the essentials: food, water, home supplies, etc. Almost everyone can afford a few canned goods, some distilled water, and an extra package of paper towels that they can put in their basement and save until they need it. Doing this every time you go to the grocery store is a great way to begin building your stockpile. Start this habit now, and it will grow substantially over time.

Ways To Begin Preparing For Survival

Defend Yourself

One of the most important considerations people need to keep in mind is that there are bad people out there. It is a sad reality, but bad people try to take advantage of others in times of emergency or disaster. Protect yourself, your family and friends, and your property. If you can, consider buying a gun. If you do not want a gun, at least buy a stun gun or pepper spray. Anything that you can use to help protect the people you love is a necessary investment.


Don’t Forget About First Aid

First aid is especially important in survival situations. Even if you take great caution to not get wounded or sick, it can happen. To be useful with first aid in a disaster, you must have both supplies and knowledge. The supplies part is easy. Make a list of what supplies you need to buy and go get them. Learning how to deal with various health issues will take more learning and studying. This is one of the best investments of time and money you can make.



Consider EDC

Everyday carry, commonly known as EDC, refers to the items that you carry on your person every day that could potentially help you in a tricky situation. These items can include a pocketknife, flashlight, multi-tool, keychain tools, watch, or a handgun. EDC can be as basic or extravagant as you want. A good, reliable pocketknife and a flashlight should be a part of every EDC.


Make a BOB

A bug out bag, or BOB, can be your best friend in certain situations. A bug out bag is highly personalized, and you can make it serve many functions. Most commonly, a BOB is a bag filled with supplies that can help someone survive for a short period of time. This would include gear such as a knife, hatchet, first aid supplies, fire starting supplies, cordage, etc. Many people carry BOBs in their vehicles just in case.

Get Fit

Being in good shape is always a good idea, but it especially is for those interested in survival. People who are in good shape will have an easier time in a survival scenario, because their bodies are used to strenuous exercise and can withstand hard times more easily. This is another area that you can make as basic or as extreme as you want. You can start with small amounts of jogging and hiking, sit-ups and pushups, and many other basic workouts.

Save Some Money

Ways To Begin Preparing For Survival

An often-overlooked step is saving money in any number of ways. Try going out to eat less, figure out where your money is going by budgeting, and start using coupons. These small steps will leave you more money to use to prepare for the unexpected. Once you have built up as much prepping supplies as you think you will need, you can resume your normal activities.


Get Your Family Involved

If you can get your family on board with the idea of preparing for the unexpected, your ability to survive will grow exponentially. Say you have a spouse and two kids who are excited to learn how to survive. That is three more minds gaining knowledge and practicing skills which could potentially save you and your family’s lives someday.


You do not have to do all these steps at once. If you want to test the waters, maybe try a small step listed and see how you like it. If you decide to try more of these small steps, you will become more prepared for whatever may come your way. Hopefully, you will never have to use any of the things on this list. However, if there ever is an emergency, you will be glad you took some of these precautions.


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