What You Must Do To Keep Learning With A Busy Schedule?

Learning has an especially important role in an individual’s life. It keeps us intact with knowledge and helps us work on our perspective. However, sometimes it becomes hard to manage the learning, and acquiring new knowledge with busy schedules becomes hard and one tends to feel left behind when it comes to new things and learnings of their interest.

Despite the fact, that learning has been one’s passion, sometimes it seems impossible to find the time to learn whether it is about learning to develop few skills, understanding your personal growth, mastering your craft or acquiring a new skill that you wanted to learn from a very long time. The daily routines, work, and family responsibilities get the best of us and we end up not being able to learn about the things we are most passionate about. As Anthony J. D’Angelo said that it is important to develop a passion for learning, if you do, you will never cease to grow. What is meant by this quote is that learning never lets you be old; it keeps you updated?

Learning helps you quench your thirst for knowledge, and it helps you grow because no matter what you are passionate about, learning provides you wisdom. Despite everything, we still lack the motivation to learn because of multiple reasons.

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There are ways that help people to stay connected with their passion for learning. It is important to start working on the things that you left behind or leave in the middle because of our busy schedule. There are few things that actually help us to stay intact with the learning and keep our learnings flexible and easy according to our own time frame. So, firstly, start prioritizing learning. It is the most important tool to get back on the track of learning.

We read and hear stories about the successful and determine people who achieved their goals and get in awe of them, however, the reality is those people know how to prioritize learning. In fact, they never stop learning which becomes the most important aspect of their success, they thrive hard for what they want to achieve. They work hard constantly and tirelessly for their craft and never let anything surpass their passion. So, it is really important to start prioritizing your work. Thinking and visualizing work helps you to stay motivated and excited about the things that you want to learn. It can be achieved by keeping learning in your everyday to-do list.


Being constantly engaged in work helps you to be serious and passionate about it. Connecting your learning with your personal success helps you to get started with your learning. We all hear different success stories, but one thing that is common in all of them is that they kept learning and mastering in their knowledge and that the essence of their success. Taking out time for your learning helps you to be more vigilant in your daily task as keeping the things in order or at least in check helps one’s scattered thoughts to be in one place.


Secondly, it is important to optimize your learning with the podcast, audiobook, and online notes, or even online courses or certifications. It helps you save you hassle to go out to the library or any other source for learning. You can optimize your learning from online tutorials and videos available by many scholars and keep your learning pace. It helps you to acquire knowledge anywhere you want to as it makes learning easier to get and one can do it anywhere, they want to. Similarly, tutorials can be watched for easier and understandable learning through different sources such as YouTube, as there are countless experts sharing their expertise online to make things easier for you to learn and understand.


Thirdly, it is essential to find a mentor who keeps you motivated and helps you get through the points where you get stuck and help you get away with procrastination and keeps you aligned with the set goals. A mentor can guide you through an invaluable way to keep your personal and professional growth. They can transfer valuable knowledge to you that they had gained through their lifelong experience. They can help you visualize your learning process and get you through your failures without making you feel blue as they know you and your strengths and helps you learn in a right and easy way.

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Lastly, embed yourself in a Learning culture, making a habit of reading, searching, documentaries and TED talks help you to keep your learning up. In fact, investing yourself in reading, watching and such motivational talks becomes a double amusement as it helps you to enhance your learning as well as entertain you. It is a convenient way of keeping in touch with the knowledge and experiences of different people which can be done easily on weekends.


Discussion is another tool to enhance your learning, discussing your views on certain things encourages you to see things from a different perspective. Discussion helps you to overcome the gap of knowledge that might have not filled with knowledge. Develop healthier habits by getting signed up for newsletters and turn your notifications on for the motivational and informative sources and subscribe to the news outlets or websites that are of your interests. It keeps reminding you to catch up on your learning in your busy schedule.

Similarly, discussing what you have learned with someone who has the same interest helps you to see things from a different point of view and also motivates you to keep those discussions alive, thus, making you able to thrive for it harder. When it comes to learning, it cannot be consumed in a box, thus, for learning it is not necessary to go back to school or an institution to get education and learning. In this advanced world, one can learn even in the most convenient of the place if they want to and if they are committed to doing so.

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