10 Yoga Poses to Do Daily and Why

Yoga has become a necessity now but unfortunately, there are many yoga poses to do daily and many of them are too hard for you. So, here I have compiled a list of 10 Yoga Easy Poses to do daily.

#1 Mountain Pose

The first in my list is the mountain pose also known as Tadasana. It is basically a standing pose. This makes spaces in our backbone and makes it flexible and helps our body to work more efficiently.

It is very easy to do, and you should do it every day as it makes our spine flexible which helps us to perform various tasks.

Here is How you can do it,

When we come to standing you want to think about keeping your feet together, lift your thighs uplift your kneecaps up pull your abdomen in and up and now just try to do balancing on your toes keeping that engagement in the code inhale raise the arms up and heels up without losing that.

Then exhale bring the arms down and the heels down so you can do that a few more times inhale vajrasana exhale arms down and heels down.

Here are some benefits of doing this yoga pose: –

  • It increases height
  • Makes our body Posture and Balance good
  • Helps to Digest Food easily and helps to breathe properly
  • It Improves the Nervous system


#2 Tree Pose or Vrikshasana

blankVrikshasana or popularly known as Tree Pose is a beautiful pose that makes us learn about balancing our body while taking our one leg up.

This gorgeous pose is not that much easy as it is looking in the above image but still, it will become easy after doing some practice.

To do it, transfer your weight over to the left side, reach down and hold onto your ankle and place the heel as close to the groin as possible keep the proper alignment in the tree pose press back with the left eye and straighten your spine lengthening your upper body.

Do the same thing with your second leg as well.

Here are some benefits of doing this yoga pose: –

  • Improves the balance of your body
  • Makes Your leg stronger
  • It increases the power of bones of the hips and legs due to the weight falling on it
  • Makes you feel calm


#3 Downward-Facing Dog


As the name suggests, it is a posture just like a dog facing itself downwards. You just need to copy that. It is a very easy exercise and one must include it in their daily routine.

To do this, you must feel very strongly with your hands on the mat. Now tuck your toes make sure you engage your navel and slowly lift yourself up when you lift yourself up your focus is to lift your hips back and up so lengthening your spine.

Just imagine sending your hips higher up to the sky the same time you’re going to suck your stomach inside keeping that position of your spine completely straight goanna press your heels into the floor.

Here are some benefits of doing this yoga pose: –

  • It makes your hands stronger
  • It will strengthen your lower back and hence you will get relieved from lower back pain
  • It will fill energy in your body
  • It will prevent osteoporosis and the symptoms of menopause
  • Helps relieve stress by calming our mind


#4 Triangle Pose


Trikonasana commonly known as Triangle pose is a standing yoga posture that stretches the legs, decreases stress, and enhances the stability of our body and should be done regularly.

You may not be able to do this for the first time, but you’ll learn it soon as you practice.

Triangle pose opens the muscles in the chest and shoulders. It treats lower back pain, pressure, and indigestion.




#5 Warrior 1 Pose

Warrior 1 pose also known as Virabhadrasana is named after a powerful Hindu leader Virabhadra.

It stretches the chest and neck; it helps in the respiratory system and relieves neck pain. It is very good exercise and should be done daily.

To do this, bring your knees down to the mat and fingers wide and nice and spread inhale as you exhale, lift your knees and hips and send it back to the sky and once you’re ready as you inhale lift your right leg all the way forward and bring it right in between your palms.

And the next step is to pivot your back foot to the mat which is going to prevent you from falling down in the posture so from here as you inhale push yourself all the way up bring your torso all the way towards seems when you’re ready to maintain the lower body position and as you inhale bring both your arms all the way up and stay here for a couple of a deep breath.


#6 Warrior 2 Pose


Warrior 2 pose can be said as the second part of the warrior 1 pose. It strengthens the legs and chest. One more benefit of this is that this posture increases our stamina. It also helps us to get relieved from back pain.


To do this, keep your breath normal and bring your body away from your knee and still maintain the knee position and the alignment and stay here for a couple of deep breaths (4-5).



#7 Plank Pose

blankPlank pose also known as Phalakasana helps you to learn how to hold your body like a sturdy wooden plank. It tones the chest and the lower back. It stretches the arms, wrists, and legs.


To do this, bring your hands underneath your shoulders and extend your leg until your toes touch the ground then the opposite one so always keep the body in a straight line because this is kind of hard for people who have a tendency to do this.

Dropping your hips is bad because you’ll hurt your lower back so always pull through your belly and make sure the body is in a straight line, roll the shoulders and keep the body nice and long.


#8 Cat-Cow Pose


The cat-cow pose is generally an order of two poses that strengthens the backbone. It stretches the back torso and neck. It makes our spine flexible. This yoga pose can also help relieve back pain.

To do this, keep the wrists directly under the shoulders, the knees under the hip. The movement is only in the back and not in the limbs.

As you inhale you drop the back down the head and exhale, you arch your back up, look at your knees and then continue the process for 10-15 times daily.


#9 Bhujangasana

blankBhujanagasana is also known as the cobra pose. In this pose, the chest is lifted upwards from a prone position. It stretches the shoulders and chest. It makes our arms even stronger. It is highly recommended for heart patients and keeps you away from heart-related diseases.

It is a very simple but effective yoga pose.

To do this, first lay down in a prone position and then move the palms just beneath the shoulders, inhale and take your head up going straight with feet together.  Then exhale down and come back to the prone position.


#10 Chair Pose


The last yoga pose in my list is the chair pose or Utkatasana. It is also a standing pose that stretches our whole body.

It is just like sitting on a chair, but the only difference is that you need to sit without a chair. You may find yourself shaking in the beginning, but you’ll master it soon.

It strengthens the thighs and ankle. It also tones the spine and hips. It is one of the best yoga postures and you should do it daily to keep all your muscles fit.

To do this, stand up tall and nice take a few deep breaths once you’re ready, gently bring your butt back and begin to bend your knees slightly and raise your arms all the way up as you inhale and make sure you have a normal deep breath so in odd cut asana do chair pose your body weight should be on to your thighs instead of the chair.


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