Key Things You Can Do To Take A Break From Technology

In the world where technology takes the most part of our time, from being at home, using social media or working in an office or at home, if we look closely, we spend most of our time on the technology. This overuse and dependence on technology become hard to track and at times we need a break from it. It is like refilling the lost energy that has been overused by technology and this advanced world. People often opt for medication practice to cultivate their inner peace however, what is affecting our inner peace and mindful practices is the over usage of technology. Constantly being on the phone, social media, and laptops is what actually extracting our energies and makes us lazy and tiring all day long.

Technology can easily distract us and make us forget what we are actually doing, countering our productivity. Similarly, technology disrupts are time with family, friends, and close people we want to be with. Hence it is important to understand to what extent technology is your need and where it starts distracting you from connecting to your family or even to your own self. It is important to understand that technology is a part of life, an additive advantage that only facilities and makes things easier rather than a mode of spending your entire life on it. Dependency on technology is what makes you lazy.

It is important to be aware of what distracts you and be vigilant enough to make the right choices. However, it is a critical step to be taken as you must have a clear understanding of what actually steals your attention and you must find a way to avoid getting distracted. Start with taking a break from technology and enjoy what the real world brings for you and enjoy what it has to offer you.  Taking a break from technology is basically the lesser usage of technology and investing your time in healthy activities such as going for a walk without your phone, keeping your phone silent when sitting with family or friends, or turning your phone off for one day. This will help you to first get used to being away from the phone and then it helps you to live in the moment and spend time with family. Taking a break from phone or laptop for a day helps you to catch up on your routines and activities that get caught in the middle of a busy schedule and helps you to feel fresh and light. Other than that, take a week out for your own self and go somewhere quiet and relaxing without your phone and spend the whole weekend in nature. Spending time away from any access to technology helps you to realize what you were missing and provides a soothing effect on your mind, body, and soul. Turing your phone off for a day seems easy but it is heard as your keep on thinking what is happening in the virtual world or are you missing out on something. But once you develop a habit of turning it off occasionally, it provides a sigh of relief as you tend to consciously understand they technology should be used only for the needs but not for being addicted to it.


Starting catching up on your lost hobbies such as painting, sketching, or reading with your phone being on an airplane mode. Finish that painting or book that you have been dying to finish, then put your phone on airplane mode and do it. While doing you will realize that staying away from technology has its advantages as well as you actually start investing more time on your hobbies and interests than just scrolling down from one application to another own your phone. While being with family, keep your notifications and phone on silent so that you can actually enjoy your family time. When you start spending time in a family you realize how much you miss those shared gossips and live fun sessions you have with your family.


The time spend in connecting rebinding with family actually helps you to work on your relationships, also, investing time in the family actually helps you to become better at understanding your family and feeling a connection with your parents and siblings. It not only, makes you feel better, but it also makes your family feel happy too. Set free device zones in the house such as dining table and lounge is off-limit to devices, what this does is it helps you to enjoy the present moment and your food without being interrupted by the notification of some random person doing something random on their profile. It helps you to stay focused in the moment. Similarly, spend time with your pet or if you do not have one, own one, and spend your time with them. Take them for a walk or play with them outside. This helps you to connect with them and their positive energies help you to feel fresh and light. Time spent with animals makes you more active and live. Last but not the least, end the idle moments. Because when we are idle, we automatically reach out to our phones or laptops and spend the rest of the day on them. Instead of using your idle time with technology, spend on your own self. Remind yourself the things you have been procrastinating from an exceptionally long time and start doing it. Keep yourself busy or have a routine of exercise or some healthy activity to replace the free time and use it on your health. Write a journal or thinks you want to do, or you are grateful of. Enroll in classes such as yoga or meditation which actually helps you to regain that lost strength and helps you to be active. Remind yourself to look out occasionally to the real world without technology it helps you to realize how beautiful it is and how much you miss it because of being stuck with technology.


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