6 Highly Important Survival Skills

Do you know what to do if an earthquake happens in your town? What would you do if you lived through a fire? For many people, this is the ultimate test of their will to survive and move forward in life. But what are survival skills, and do you have them? Everyone has some form of survival skills that are a natural part of the human make up. But other skills can be learned and will be put to good use when the unexpected happens.

The following are a few of the skills you need and may already have to survive in any situation. If you remember to use each skill you need when a disaster or emergency occurs, you will become a valuable part of those individuals that help saves lives. Sometimes the life the saved is your own, making it easier for emergency personnel and you to move on to another victim that may need help.


Common sense

Common sense is your first important skill in any situation. When something happens you need to act, but do not overreact. Use your common sense to access the situation and create a plan. Common sense will tell you not to run into a danger zone without proper equipment or reason. This will protect you and others from doing something that will put everyone in danger.

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Plan and pretend.

Think about a disaster, natural or otherwise. If something happened what are you going to do first. By thinking about different situations and pretending you must handle them, you will be more likely to act quickly and correctly. You will already know what to do first, second, and third. Each situation or disaster and your location will depend on what you do.


First aid training and supplies.

If you are the first on the scene of any disaster you need to know what to do during medical emergencies. You will need to know what to do to stop bleeding from different parts of the body, how to dress a wound, how to deal with heart failure, and what to do if a loved one or stranger dies during the disaster. It may sound gruesome, but it is a reality of any disaster.


By taking a first aid course and then a first responders’ course you can provide the right medical treatment in any situation. This gives you the knowledge you need when disaster happens, and you are the only one available to take care of all medical problems until help arrives. If a major disaster happens you may wait for hours or even days for the first available medical response teams to arrive at your location. Until then, you are the only one available.

Defensive thinking may become a part of your needs during emergency situations that involve riots, disasters, invasion, or chemical attacks. Your first concern should always be safe when you think of defense. Your safety is important to those who will depend on your care in the nearby future. Learn to blend into your surroundings, avoid crowds and if you must defend yourself, do not worry about how much damage you may have to inflict.


Use a weapon.

If you do not have a weapon such as a firearm then arm yourself with whatever is nearby and use it with force. Do not hold back when you must use a weapon for protection. Use your body, your mind, and your muscles to apply the weapon however it is needed with all the force you can.

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Keep control of your situation.

Someone must remain in control. This means control of your emotions, control of children that are hurt or frightened, control of upset or angry adults, and control when a decision must be made right away.


Positive thinking.

This is one of your greatest survival skills. You must continue to think positive so you can move forward. However hard it becomes; you must keep a positive image as to your abilities and the abilities of others to act quickly and find solutions to all immediate problems.

Positive thinking in a disaster situation is thinking about the next goal on your list as it happens. Take care of one thing at a time and do not give up. If everything looks hopeless then stop thinking about solutions for a few moments and just watch the event unfold.

Once there is a break in the disaster, take charge, and make your first decision. One decision at a time will get you through any disaster and provide you with the best solutions. In conclusion, you must stop, remove yourself from danger, provide medical care, and seek shelter. Once that is done, search for food and provide protection. Your best skills come from your own brain.


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