Your Mindset and Life: Ways You Can Live an Incredible Life

Your Mindset and Life: Ways You Can Live an Incredible Life

Did you ever feel like you ought to have more in your life? Are you exhausted or under a lot of stress? Are you overworked?

What about your energy or state of well-being? Are you so out of it that you cannot get your feet going in the right direction? Is it just like you are drowning and barely hanging on?

If so, it’s going to cause your downfall in time. That’s not the way you thought your life would be. Likely you always believed a lot of things would be better. Perhaps you even though you’d be rich and living the good life?

Your Mindset and Life

Plus, I bet you believed you’d be a lot more energetic and less tired. And it seems like everyone around you have accomplished all those things you thought you’d have done by now. All of us have met folks who have tons of confidence, are suave, beautiful, and have their act together no matter what happens. Why is it that the rest of us don’t? Why does our life have to be so cruel?

The thing is, what you have maybe learned from the other articles I have written in the past, that’s the wrong way to think from the beginning!

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You are merely blaming everyone else as well as the circumstances you are living under. Whether you believe it or not, you have got all that’s required to have a wonderful life this very second. The only thing you don’t have is the correct mindset to be able to accomplish it. Know what’s also likely to be true? I bet you have a great life already. You probably have all the things most of us want, yet you really don’t appreciate any of it.




In this series of articles, we’ve learned that a person’s success, happiness, and accomplishments come from themselves. Plus, they all depend on a person’s state of mind and how they see themselves and their life. They come from someone with the right drive to do what’s needed to accomplish all the things they think they should have. Plus, they know how to begin to get those things! So, in this last article, I am going to teach you how you can make some quite easy life changes so you can do that too.

You will learn the ways to begin protecting yourself against challenges. You will learn to begin to appreciate everything in your life already. Plus, you will find out how to be the master of your existence, so you’ll be able to determine exactly who you wish to be. And determine exactly what you plan to accomplish.


What Priorities have you set?

Firstly, you have to begin to reassess the priorities you’ve set. A lot of folks are always complaining about their health or that they haven’t got enough money or that they are unhappy. Yet, they don’t ever try to change those things. Why? Because even though you yell those things to the world, you really don’t have them set as your priorities in life. So, let’s look at what your normal routine is and find out if we can determine what the problem really is!




If you’re complaining to all that will listen to you that you want to lose weight or start a successful business or maybe even write the next best-selling novel, then how come you aren’t dedicating most of your time to accomplishing those things?

Probably, your life’s routine goes more like this example:
Sleeping: Six to seven hours a night
Working: Eight to nine hours a day
Commuting to and from work: One to two hours a day
Lunch Break: A half hour
The rest of your time: Five hours of other stuff

And during that final five hours or so, you must squeeze in waking up, putting yourself together for your day, as well as chores like laundry, cooking or doing the dishes. Yet you are telling everyone who will listen that you don’t understand why your lifestyle is the way it is.

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You argue that your objectives and dreams are what you count as a top priority, but your entire life doesn’t reflect that at all. That makes me think about the issue with today’s politics.




Most of the time, the politicians tell us about all the money they’ve supposedly saved us. They say they have done all they can to make the dollar’s value go up. Or the brag and say they’re paying down the country’s deficit. However, should we judge their success like that? Isn’t our quality of life a better metric? Or our happiness and well-being?

Likely you’re doing similar things yourself. You put ninety percent of your time into working and you end up totally exhausted and nothing else gets done.


How Things Got That Way

Did you ever wonder how everything got that way?

The reply, though you likely won’t like it, it ultimately ends up being due to indoctrination and fear. Why fear? Because we’re motivated many times by the worry our spouse will drop us like a hot potato. Or we’re scared of how much money we owe. Or that we won’t be able to ever own a home. Or maybe you’re scared of being over 40 and not accomplishing any of the so-called milestones like marriage or kids. All that means your motivation comes from fear instead of rewards.


You’re concentrating on running from everything you don’t want, instead of the things you desire. And that honestly isn’t aided by how the media proclaims the “facts” all day long or how we may have been raised. That’s why I said you were indoctrinated. No, I do not believe in conspiracy theories, and I don’t blame the government for my problems. However, it’s still centered on how the majority of us were raised. We are told we’re born into this world owing something to somebody.

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We supposedly owe society a debt. We are told we should be proud of working hard for a living. In the meantime, we’re also led to believe we should desire all kinds of things we can’t afford. That could be anything from the latest, greatest smartphone model to a fancy huge house to an expensive sports car or God knows what. We work our butts off to buy them, and we work because we are scared to owe the money on them. Plus, we keep working because society says we ought to. Can I ask you something? Is there really any intrinsic value in the work on its own? Of course, working toward some kind of good cause is a wonderful thing.

And you should be proud of working to support a family. However, if you are someone who doesn’t retire until they are way over 65, or say you’ve never had to miss a single workday, or talk proudly about the menial work you do every day, then, of course, it’s nice you’re proud. Truly. However, what’s rather sad is if suddenly you failed to come to work or even God forbid you died, everything would keep going on and the world wouldn’t come to an end for anyone else. Or even if you were just late to work, not much would really happen that would ruin it for someone except maybe to get their order late.




In the meantime, I bet it would have turned out a lot better if you paid more attention to your health. Or if you interacted more with your kids or spouse? Or if you followed your heart and wrote that novel. Work itself doesn’t have to be a means to the end or a means of itself at all! It’s only valuable if what you are working to accomplish has a value. But nothing’s worth wasting your life to do.


Lifestyle Strategy

The straightforward mental change I am asking you to make is to not live to work but work to live! OK, so that is an old saying. Lifestyle strategy forms your life into a method of focusing on creating your lifestyle so that it makes you happy, instead of just sticking with tradition and merely working until you die.

It’s up to you to determine what you want to achieve, to know who you wish to end up. Plus, you are the one who must decide if you need to change jobs or other things so you can accomplish it. For a lot of folks, that might mean you end up being an online worker and you work from home. These days with all the great modern technology, you don’t have to work in a traditional office or commute for hours a day to go to work. Just sit down in your pajamas and boot up your laptop and put on a pot of coffee as you work right at home.


Your Mindset and Life


This gives us lots of freedom! We can work wherever we have an Internet connection at any hour of the day or night. A lot of folks even take it a step further and they travel all around the world and do it with just a suitcase and a laptop as they work from any free hotspot they can find. That is real lifestyle modification and being a true Internet-based worker. However, it may additionally mean something a bit smaller. You must look at all that comes with this and realize you have a bit more responsibility as well as ask yourself if you think it’s all worth doing it for.

Don’t you think it’d be a lot better to be with your kids and spouse more and stay with your current position? Otherwise, perhaps you’d get that other job, but ask for a full day off, and then you’d have a full 24 hours for just you. Or maybe you’d like to get some kind of part-time position? Or some sort of side gig that pays you a good amount of cash. How about you learn that if you truly want to do whatever you are passionate about, you find out you want to take a job that lets you get off early in the day so you can be home to meet your kids when they get off school? But I need more money, you answer? Well then, move to a less expensive neighborhood!

You could move to a place where your commute is shorter so you can have an hour or so more a day for you. Or maybe you can get more time for you by hiring someone else to clean that bathroom and do those dishes? There are lots of different ideas you can run through your head so you can take the route in your life that fits you best. You don’t have to stay on the same old predestined trail society seems to have laid out, and you sure as heck don’t have to keep making your life so hard every day forever.




Additional Changes

Deciding to shape your own lifestyle so you can get back the control is a good way to begin achieving what you desire in life. However, it’s not the only way. One mindset change is to know how much you’re worth, then stand strong so you can be unafraid to do what you really want to do in life. Yet one more change in mind shift is for you to understand both time and money are exchangeable. This last point means if your salary is high, but you work too many hours, then it really isn’t again at all.

The only time you could say that was again is if you were paid more money and only worked the exact same amount of hours. Therefore, if you’re offered a promotion, yet you have to work longer hours, then the best way to answer that is to tell them you’d rather just have the raise in pay. That’s when you stand up for how much you know you are worth.

Many people are scared to ask for a raise in pay or to ask for more money for what we do, because we are scared to lose our home, or some other tragedy will occur. Once more! You must stop being so scared! That doesn’t happen as long as you are good at your job or providing your customers with a great product, then it’s ok to ask for more or to charge more!

Your Mindset and Life Ways You Can Live an Incredible Life


You must consider the money your company is making off you and what they are going to lose if you suddenly quit. It’s your right to ask for a raise! And it’s normal for pay to go up even without a promotion. Therefore, if you think you warrant a raise, then ask! What if you don’t get it? Then you can decide to change jobs or go after different customers.

Just like Tim Ferris once said, you should ask for forgiveness and not ask for permission to do something.

Eventually, you’re worth exactly what you believe. If that number is not high enough, you end up working really hard and not getting a decent reward in the end. So, keep on looking and learning. Don’t wait around for your life to change. Don’t wait around until it’s time to retire. Why? Life constantly changes and weird things can happen and that ship of yours might never come in either. If you want a better life, you must begin immediately. And do not try to say you are already too old to do it! It’s never too late to get the life you always wanted to lead.

Therefore, if you’ve put off that vacation due to being scared, due to opportunity as well as due to you worrying your life won’t be where you want it to be when you return, then you better ramp up those ideas. Take the bull by the horns. It’s the sole way you’ll truly go anywhere. Your job will still be there when you return and if somehow it isn’t? You at least tried and did something you’ll never forget that you thought was truly worthwhile. And what is worth more than that?

Your Mindset and Life Ways You Can Live an Incredible Life


It Begins with The Whole Shebang

Hopefully, a few of the tips I have given you will assist you in receiving more out of your life. And you merely have to change some priorities and go get those desires on your list.

So, how do you begin?

You begin with the whole shebang.

What does that mean? If you desire to have better health, be happier, and have a largely better lifestyle, you must start changing it all right now. We’ve talked about the fact you have to start by changing your mindset. However, do you know what affects the way you think?

Your mind has a finite energy supply. All through these articles, I’ve asked you to do a lot. Like, be more responsible, stop being scared, be more disciplined, and remain motivated. All that takes a lot of energy. But if all you got are those five extra hours we mentioned earlier, you will end up struggling. Plus, if you are all stressed out and burned out, it will be even harder.

Therefore, as you begin to pay more attention to your own life, concentrate on your objectives and on whatever makes you the happiest. Then you can additionally take a glance at the ways you can make sure you have enough energy and can get all you can out of your life. It begins with easy things: getting enough rest, getting a bit of sunshine, or possibly taking a daily vitamin.

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Then after that, you can do more such as find your passion, learn to meditate, make sure you get involved in the people who can help you make those dreams come true. All aspects of your life and health affect how you end up feeling as well as the things you achieve. You must begin in a small way and then develop the energy you desire. At the moment, you could feel a bit locked in due to your situation, so you have to look for a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel.

That could mean you have to take that daily vitamin to help you get more energy. However, if that helps you gain the energy to start doing the things you need to do to accomplish those goals and your mental state gets better so that your work/life balance gets better, then of course it’s all been worth the effort.



And Ultimately

And ultimately? Learn to be thankful for the things in your life currently. That’s the optimal key to being happy. Because in truth, if all you do is think about that fancy car or buying the latest and greatest smartphone, you will never get out of the rat race. You will remain in a fight or flee stage and all you’ll keep doing is fighting and running in that never-ending rat race of work. Just saying you are going to look forward to taking a vacation or that you’d like to quit your horrible job won’t be any better.

Change your life now. And in the meantime, learn how to concentrate on what’s going right already. Stop and take a look at the good things in your life and pay more attention to the little things. If you have a mindset of gratitude and thankfulness, you’ll see you likely have already achieved lots of things. Plus, you’ll discover you’ve also got lots of great happy moments every day. So, live those moments to the fullest!


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