How to Create Videos, Yet Not Go In Front of a Camera

How to Create Videos, Yet Not Go In Front of a Camera

Do you desire to make it big on YouTube or maybe you merely wish to get rich, however, you don’t really relish the thought of being part of a video? This may sound as if it is an overwhelming challenge, however, you’ll be happy to know there are several things you can do if you wish to resolve this issue and produce a YouTube video even if you don’t want to appear in it.


The following are several possibilities for accomplishing this:


Video Game Play

Create Videos

A simple idea involved recording your favorite video game sequences. These are quite trendy these days and get a lot of YouTube views. You can add some commentary or even chose not to do that. These kinds of videos are fairly simple to make.

Plus, there are countless trending video games available, and many of them don’t have a lot of coverage on YouTube. If you pick the right one and locate a fan base, it can swiftly expose your YouTube channel to a massive audience!


Whiteboard Animations and Slide Shows

There are many popular YouTube channels where the creator doesn’t appear in the videos. One example is ‘ASAP Science.’ Their channel features a whiteboard animation sequence along with voiceover in their explanations of several fascinating scientific theories. It has attracted a large number of followers. Plus, it’s not hard to do something like it as long as you have the right tools and computer program. Check it out! There are several channels that accomplish this quite well.


Still Photos and Slide Shows

Create Videos


One more terrific possibility is to create a video applying still photos and slide shows. You don’t have to use animation in a video to make it go viral! If you pick the correct still photos or some interesting graphics, all you need is to add a voiceover to your finished product.

This basically ends up rather like a podcast instead of a regular type of video production. However, it can work quite well! Several producers have ended up quite a success via this approach. A top example that comes to mind is the incredible Mr. Sunday Movies.

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Their producer made humorous videos on some pop-culture films. He doesn’t ever appear in his videos, but he’s quite infamous due to his amusing commentary. Plus, he makes sure to add new videos regularly. You can also use an interview along with this type of video.


Top 10s

A top 10 video touting the best of a topic (i.e. apps, movie scenes, or even the best tasting grilled cheese sandwich!) is simple to make via editing together bit and pieces you’ve collected. Depending on how they look, you may not even have to do a voiceover for them. Instead, you could add some title cards, a few captions, or even just make sure the footage itself explains what’s going on.


Mashups, super-cuts, and Edits

Create Videos


Another option you have is to create some mashups, super-cuts, or edits. If you want a great example, take a look at Cassette Boy. He blends together video of well-known individuals and make them look like they are saying humorous stuff.  Another such example is ‘Cinema Sins,’ which puts together blooper reels from blockbuster movies, then indicates where they made their errors.

A third example of this kind of work is ‘People Are Awesome’. All it involves is a mix of folks performing all kinds of interesting stunts. Be sure you don’t infringe on any copyright and try creating similar medleys on your own.


How to videos

How to videos are another simple to produce product and you still don’t have to appear on screen.  All that’s necessary is to use a screen capture program. You can find tons of examples of how to videos on YouTube. For example, there are several walkthroughs showing the viewer how to solve problems in trendy video games.


Tricks and Funny Videos

Create Videos

Just about everyone knows cat videos are hugely popular and often go viral. If you have a photogenic feline, you can try your luck filming a funny video too! Or you can create a video featuring your dog or other pet doing tricks or funny stunts. All you need to do is have a willing animal and set up a few props.

Or try your luck at filming interesting tricks. For example, “SlowMo Guys” on YouTube feature videos filmed via a highspeed camera. They show all kinds of cool things happening in slow motion, i.e. a bullet smashing a watermelon, fireworks, a bursting water balloon, and what happens when someone gets punched.

And none of those creations involved the maker showing up on screen. You too can produce similar videos without needing to appear in one! All you need is a bit of B-roll, and a topic (i.e. you could review a product) and you’re set to be the next YouTube star.


AI Voice and or just text

Vidnami uses artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyze your text and automatically select clips/images from its large library or upload your own video clip or images. Either way this reduces the time it takes to create videos.

Built-in Media, Royalty Free Music, and Professional Templates will help you get started making videos in little time.


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