Understanding What Reasons Are Behind Your Feelings?

Understanding and recognizing your own emotions and feelings is especially important. People who are good at noticing how they feel and help you to calmly manage yourself as well as it helps you to understand others as well, it also helps in adjusting behaviors according to the situation. It also contributes to maintaining and sustaining emotions, managing difficulties in relationships, and setbacks. Feelings are powerful, they keep us intact with the world, and relationships we have and help us understand other people as well.

However, feelings sometimes become overwhelming because of their complexity it goes beyond what humans can actually think of. It overpowers our thinking patterns and decision-making ability because it overshadows the ability to think clearly and reduces the difference between right and wrong.

For instant, sometimes, when we are angry, we tend to say something that cannot be taken back, and it hurts others as well as our own feeling. While doing such a thing, we often think of the possibility of how someone can be so hurtful toward others. And once we are relaxed, we often realized that our emotions and feeling got the best of us and you then wish to handle things differently. At that moment of instance, our judgment was clouded by our own feelings. So, it is particularly important to understand what you feel and why you feel it.


Sometimes it is better to name your feelings so that you can understand why it is important to regulate our emotions in a healthier manner. Understanding your feelings and why you feel in a certain way is especially important as it helps you gain an insight on your own self and helps you to develop perspective. Being able to understand your own emotions helps us to manage them, navigate our own life in difficult situations as well as helps us to understand more than one perspective.

We all have the ability to feel, for me, I found myself blessed to be able to feel emotions and I consciously try to understand the meaning being my emotions and feelings that I often tend to experience. For me, understand what you feel and finding out the reason of why you feel something in a specific way helps you understand your grounds, your abilities to compromise in relation as well as it helps you to set your boundaries where you allow people to be how much effect you.


Finding out my very reasons to feel in certain ways has allowed me to develop my personality where I know how to regulate my emotions, and how much I must be expressive and share what I have in me with people. As humans, we all have emotions and we all feel so how we understand the reason for feeling things in a particular yet peculiar manner that we all do is very necessary.

So, we feel that we can make connections with people around them and figure out what makes us feel good and what does not. Understanding my own emotions have made me realized that being fair in a relationship is very important, even emotional transparency is a key to have a good relationship. Being able to express ourselves without the fear of judgment is very important as it creates a sense of acceptance without conditions and for me, it is very necessary, whereas, on the other being judge for my past mistakes and my decision is what makes me uncomfortable.

So, the basis of understanding my own emotions I have realized that it is important to set your boundaries and choose people around me who are appreciative of me rather than those who are skeptical of me.


Our emotions are like our internal compass. It helps us to navigate our own emotions by figuring out how a situation makes us feel. Similarly, understanding our feelings helps us to make decisions about whether we want to be in a certain situation or not, what we allow to happen, and how much we set our boundaries to protect our mental peace.

As in my case, it is about whether I am okay with being judged or does it affect me, and if it does and how much impact does someone’s judgment has over me. Being able to recognize our emotions helps us to know what it is and what it is trying to tell us. How we feel in a certain situation and with a certain person holds a significant amount of information about how that other person sees us and our standing in a certain relation. Such as through my life, I have chosen people with whom I feel comfortable, where I know I am heard and understood, and who makes me feel happy about myself.


It is important to understand that what you feel in a situation, represents how you are going to act in that situation, and for me, it is important to feel right in place. The key element of emotional regulation in my life is to listen to my feelings and understanding the reason behind it. A sense of uncertainty, unacceptance, or being used should be understood in time so that you can decide wisely how you are going to act in a certain situation and whether you want that specific person in your life or not.

My understanding of my feelings has helped me to be in control of my own emotions and not be overwhelmed by it, it has helped me to address my negative thinking pattern and to change them, and it has helped me to understand the difference between being strong, independence and being okay to ask out for help if needed. For me, understanding our own emotions equates to understanding myself, my need, and my boundaries. Identifying your feelings and reasons behind them helps us to be able to understand others’ emotions as well and it makes us able to help our friend in need.

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