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How To Pick A Great Domain Name?

When starting a website, one of the most important things you have to decide upon is the URL (also called a domain name). The name you choose will play an important role and will influence whether you are successful or not. But what is a good domain name and how to pick that one? Whether you’re new or a pro, you need a great domain name if you are selling products or services. One that reflects exactly what your products or service is.

Learn the strategy to buy domains that precisely reflect what your product or service is. The strategy top marketers use and won’t tell anyone. In this easy article, you will learn how to pick a domain name that either closely or perfectly represents your product or service. It will rank well in search engines and be super easy for your customers to remember. First, you need to understand what domain name is before deep-diving into the topic.

What Is Domain Name?

Every computer that is connected to the Internet has a unique number. This number is used to identify the network. This number is called an IP address and can, for example, look like this:

The problem with these numbers is that they are challenging to remember. So to make it easier, technical engineers came up with a solution called domain names. By typing a domain name into the address field in your Internet browser, you automatically send it to the right page. Instead of having to write to visit Google, you can just write google.com. It is much easier to remember.


How To Pick A Great Domain Name?

Every business needs a valid name, and when you are going to the online market, then it’s essential to have a proper domain name. A good domain name for your online business helps to create a good image and are at the same time, easy to promote online.


1. Easy To Spell

Your domain name must be both easy to spell and pronounce. If these two conditions are not met, you will most defiantly get problems with it in the future. When you try to type in your domain name or is hear about your site, it must be made as easy as possible for them to get to your website.

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2. Short & Simple

The perfect domain name is a shop, describes what your business is about, and is easy to remember. Ideally, a domain name consists of two words. If it’s impossible to find a suitable domain name, one more word can be added, but fewer words make it easier to type in and remember.

3. Don’t Try To Come Up With Clever Domain Names

A domain name that describes your business a great choice. In can be a great idea to choose a domain name that describes your business and website is about. This is especially true if you have a smaller business or you’re just starting.

If you, for example, were making notebook computer reviews – “NotebookComputerReview.com” would describe what your business is about. Even before a visitor comes to your site, they can see if it is relevant to them or not. This will give more credibility and clicks from the search results. A domain name that describes your business can also give you an advantage when it comes to placement in search engine results.

4. Don’t Use Hyphens In Your Domain Names

Even though it is often seen, don’t use hyphens in your domain names (for example notebook-computer.com). It is both difficult to remember and to explain over the phone. If you have bought a domain name without the hyphens, buy the domain name that has it as well. This way a competitor cannot buy the domain and piggyback on your hard work on building a great website and a brand

5. Don’t Use Plural In Your Domain Name

Even though you have a hard time finding an available domain name, don’t use the plural in your name. If notebookreview.com is not available, don’t buy notebookreview[s].com.

When you have spent a lot of time building a website, it can become a thorn in your eye that you can’t get the singular version as well. It is best to have both versions and redirect one of them to the other domain name with a 301 redirect.

6. Unique Domain Name

Having a domain name that describes your business is not the only option, but it makes it easier to promote and market your website. Choose a unique domain like Twitter or Google; you cannot figure out what the website is about just by looking at the name. It will take a lot of promoting to make people remember what your website is about.

The only reason we know what Google stands for is because of their excellent products and because we have been using their website for years. In the long run, a unique name can become a better brand, but in the beginning, it will take a lot of work to get people to visit your website.

7. Choosing The Right Domain Name From The Start Is Crucial

For you to come up with a great domain name, you have to be creative and think about what is written in this article. The time you spend now on choosing a domain name will pay off in the future. Changing your domain name a few years down the road can be a real pain – so don’t rush your domain name selection.

How To Buy A Domain Name?

Simply enter your desired web domain name into any domain service provide – Then, click on the “Check” button. If the domain name you want hasn’t been registered, congratulations. Buy it.

If the web domain name has already been taken, you have a few options on the search results page.



It is not possible to write a definitive guide to choose a domain name. It all depends on what site you are planning to build. This section can, however, help you in the right direction. No matter what your website will be about, this article can be of help to you.


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