6 Important Survival Items for Your Home

A natural disaster, a long-term power outage or a riot can turn comfortable modern living into a survival situation very quickly. Having some basic items stocked up in your home can make a huge difference as to whether you manage to survive the situation. The very basics of urban survival do not require exotic supplies or huge stockpiles of food and water. Every home and apartment, however, should at least have the following items.



The most important thing you need to have on hand is water. You will not survive very long without clean drinking water. Ideally, you would have many gallons of potable water stored up in your home so that you could endure a long time without having to use municipal water. Of course, this is not realistic for people who live in apartments or small houses, and realism is paramount when the discussion is about being prepared for disaster.

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Try to have at least five gallons of drinkable water stored somewhere in containers. Change it once a week. This way, you’ll always have fresh, drinkable water available if the water supply should get turned off for some reason. If you have room, you’ll also want to have some water for doing tasks such as washing dishes and hygiene.




Canned food is a great survival item. Canned fruits and vegetables, canned meat and other canned items tend to last a very long time on the shelf. When you store up canned items, make sure you write the expiration dates on a sheet of paper on your pantry or on the shelf where you’re storing them. Check it periodically to make sure that you rotate out items that have expired.

Rice, beans and potato flakes are also great survival items. The difference between these and canned items, however, is that canned items can oftentimes be prepared without expending any water in the effort, which may be a real concern in some situations.


Lights, Communication


You should have either light sticks, emergency LED lights, flashlights or plenty of candles stocked up in your house. Preferably, you should have a mix. LED flashlights can last a very long time before they burn out, but candles and lanterns are still great options for sustained lighting. Light sticks are compact and present no danger of fire, so they’re great options for long-term lighting, as well.

You should have a weather radio that runs on batteries available in your home. You can pick up a battery-powered AM/FM/Weather Band radio for around $20 at just about any discount store. Have fresh batteries available for the radio and don’t put them in until you use it.

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In a serious natural disaster or other emergency, it’s likely that the telephone and cellular phone connections are going to go down. If you have family members or friends that you would plan on linking up with in such a disaster, come up with a meeting point outside of town and inside of town so that you know where to meet without having to get in touch with each other first.


Medicine/First Aid


Make certain that you have over-the-counter painkillers, bandages, disinfectants, butterfly tape or supplies for stitching and other first aid necessities readily available. You can buy an inexpensive first aid kit and take care of this need in one purchase. You should have a first aid kit for general use in your home but, for an emergency, make sure you have an extra one set aside that will only be used in an actual emergency. If anybody in your household need special medication, make certain that you make accommodations for this. If that medication needs to be refrigerated, remember to leave the refrigerator closed as much as possible after a power outage so that the cool air stays trapped inside.


Full Tank of Gas


Always keep your gas tank full or nearly full. If a natural disaster or other situation develops that requires you to evacuate the city, you can rest assured that you are not going to be able to stop for gas on the way out. A full tank of gas should get you out of the city and to somewhere safe, if need be.

These very basic survival supplies should enable you to handle anything from a minor power outage to a significant emergency.


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