4 Serious Hand to Hand Combat Weapons

Even though hand-to-hand combat may seem positively medieval to some people, many survival situations in both urban and rural environments involve hand-to-hand combat of some type. These situations can involve anything from somebody trying to get into your car to someone trying to assault you on the street to somebody getting the jump on you while you’re going into your home. For many people, carrying a weapon is their main means of defending themselves and, because not everybody feels that they should carry a concealed firearm, some people carry hand-to-hand weapons. Here’s a primer on some of the more popular hand-to-hand weapons that may be useful in a survival situation.


Expanding Baton

Expanding batons fold up to a practical size – usually between six and eight inches – but can be expanded to a size suitable for combat by flicking the wrist or by triggering a mechanism. They are not legal in all jurisdictions and you absolutely must check whether they are legal in yours before you carry one in any urban environment. There are training courses available for this type of weapon, which are highly advisable if you intend on using one to defend yourself.

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As far as melee weapons go, expanding batons have the advantage of creating distance between you and your attacker, if you use it right, and of being able to deliver powerfully, but nonfatal blows. A blow to the head with one of these batons, however, could easily be fatal.

The conveniences of carrying these hand-to-hand weapons include the fact that some of them are available in sheaths that can be situated sideways on your belt, creating a smaller profile underneath your shirt or jacket.


Stun Guns

Stun guns are compact devices that are designed to deliver a high-voltage shock to an assailant. There is a great deal of conflicting information regarding the effectiveness of these devices. Suffice it to say that there is enough information about these devices failing to perform as advertised that one should approach them with caution as a first-choice hand-to-hand weapon.

The advantage of a stun gun is that, in most cases, it will be nonlethal, meaning that you don’t have to hesitate about using it if you’re attacked. The disadvantage is that, on people wearing certain types of clothing or on people who are extremely intoxicated, it may not be as effective as you would be led to believe.

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Bats/Ax Handles


Baseball bats and ax handles are commonly used as hand-to-hand combat weapons. They can, in fact, be very effective and certainly can be lethal.

The disadvantage with these types of weapons, obviously, is that you can’t always carry them on you unless you happen to be a lumberjack or playing baseball. In your vehicle, however, you may want to keep one in the trunk and many people keep them in their homes, particularly people who don’t want to have a firearm in the house. Make sure you get at least a little bit of training in using one of these weapons, as they can be taken away from you easily by somebody with enough fighting experience.



4 Serious Hand to Hand Combat Weapons

Knives are probably the most common weapons that people carry for self-defense. Knives epitomize the saying that every tool is a weapon if you just hold it right. There are basically two concerns you need to have with knives as weapons: lethality and legality.

In most jurisdictions, it’s not going to be legal for you to carry knives that are specifically made for combat. These types of knives would include daggers, Bowie knives, switchblade knives, butterfly knives, and fist or push daggers.

If you’re looking for a knife to carry as a self-defense weapon, look at the quick opening folders that you can carry in your pocket. Check into the restrictions on knives in your jurisdiction. Most high-end folding knife makers make knives that are designed to be legal in jurisdictions where three-inch limits are in effect, four-inch limits are in effect, and so forth. A fixed blade knife is always preferable for self-defense if it’s legal to carry one in your jurisdiction.

The number one rule to remember with any hand-to-hand weapon is that you must train with it. If you don’t train with it, you may as well not even carry it.


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