Marketing With A Website Or Click Funnels, Which Is Better?

In this tech-driven world, everyone knows the importance of a website for your business – But if you have ever tried to create a site, you have likely been frightened by the number of steps it takes to build an essential website.

So, if you are just entered into the world of digital marketing, then you must be confused about the difference of click funnels and website marketing – aren’t you? It’s quite tricky to answer without having the proper knowledge. In this article, we are going to cover in detail about marketing website vs. click funnels – Stay tuned!

First, you need to understand about marketing website and click funnels before deep-diving into the topic.

marketing website

What Is Marketing Website?

It’s a process of marketing your business via the website. The website consist of 5 to 7 key pages, such as about us, contact us, what we offer, and similar to showcase your product or service. In this way, you can take advantage of websites, social media platforms, email marketing, and a source of mediums.

As we all know, marketing is not an easy job, and it takes a lot of effort to promote your product or services. By using the marketing website method, you can promote your business to the next level via the internet and can reach people who need it.

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Advantages Of Web Marketing

    1. It has no time or geographical restriction, which means your business will remain active 24/7 and is reachable for anyone at anytime, anywhere.
    2. The advertising cost of web marketing is comparatively less as compared to other marketing mediums or advertising plans.
    3. It’s capable of updating their subscribers or followers instantly through emails, which means being a visitor, you can make yourself updated by accessing their site.

click funnels

Everything in this world comes with advantages as well as disadvantages – Let’s explore some of the significant disadvantages of a marketing website.

  1. In the world of internet marketing, the chances of participating in the unethical promotion are high.
  2. Sometimes it may cost higher due to the high cost of campaigns, software, hardware, or other essentials.
  3. As we all know, everyone is not tech-savvy, which means it can reach two out of three people on average.
  4. Usually, people love to interact live people for their satisfaction before purchasing any product or any company for their services – But in web marketing, it’s missing.
  5. The major drawback of web marketing is that it is created from the marketing perspective, not from the customer perspective, which results in a lack of interest by the customer while navigating the site.
  6. The world of web marketing is based on keywords because there are several similar products with different brands are competing for online visibility. So getting good traffic or visibility on your website via marketing is quite strenuous.


What Is Click Funnels?

Click funnel is a one-stop solution that can help anyone to market and sell their product or services. This product is specially designed who has an entrepreneurial background or mind, but due to a lack of design and coding skills, they failed in the online business. In this way, you don’t need to rely on tech-savvy freelancers for building a sales funnel for your business because you can all do by yourself due to its smart and easy interface.

web marketing

Advantages Of Click Funnel

  1. Due to its smart and easy interface, you can set up your sales funnel pages quickly and efficiently. The whole workflow is effortless to create using this platform, which saves your time.
  2. The concept behind creating click funnel is to cater to people who are not tech-savvy, which makes it exceptionally flexible, allowing hassle-free edits and modification.
  3. By using their smart system, you can integrate various payment and email gateway efficiently. It’s also equipped with an auto responder mailing system that helps for lead generation.
  4. Their system has dozens of readymade template allowing to build your sales funnel page quickly. Furthermore, its smart system offers to test every single page.
  5. They also offer weekly or monthly webinars or training to keep their customer up to date with modern and updating strategies to market their businesses. They also offer a fantastic affiliate program by which you can make some money with absolutely free training.
  6. The good thing about this platform, it is SSL protected. Due to which, your sales funnel page is more secure without purchasing anything extra.
  7. You can control multiple domains with them.
  8. By using click funnel, you can also create membership sites, which may help in your lead generation.
  9. It has built-in payment gateways of PayPal and Stripe for your businesses.

Disadvantages Of Click Funnel

As compared to advantages, the disadvantages of click funnels are few – such as

  1. Click funnel is pricier for new startups or entrepreneurs. For people who have limited investment, then click funnel is not the right solution for them because it may cost you 97$ per month. You can also buy their yearly plan in 297$ per year by which you can save some bucks – but still, for a startup, it’s expensive.
  2. For first-timers, you might feel difficulty in creating your first sales page. For that, you need to opt for their initial training and invest some time to get aware of their panel, which requires some time to use it. But later on, it will be easier for you.

web marketing

Which Is Better?

After analyzing the pros and cons of marketing websites and click funnels – The click funnel platform has won the race in the world of internet marketing. Being a starter, you can do all your own without getting any professional help, whereas web marketing requires the input of professional marketers to run your campaign.


So, there are diversified opportunities to market your business in the era of technology. You need to invest something to bring out the best for your business.

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