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Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About Pay Per Click

Pay per Click is an Advertising model in which the Advertisers must pay to Search Engine when a user clicks on their online ads. When a user clicks an online ad provided by a search engine to promote advertisers, the search engine will help users to get to the advertiser and advertisers pay for this click to search engine. In this way advertisers can buy users, to visit their sites.

The most used PPC is through search engine advertising. The search engine’s sponsored links help the advertiser to bid on their keywords which will be displayed to users when he put quires related to that keywords. Sponsored links are a type of advertisement in which relevant content is displayed to users by the search engine when a user search keyword relevant to added by advertisers.

Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About Pay Per Click

Paid search Ad is a widely used form of PPC. When someone is looking to buy something search engine helps a lot to get advertisers and these searches charges pay per click Ads.

Why PPC?

The main purpose of PPC to get profit in Internet marketing and it also helps to get visitors for business sites through the search engine. Cost per impression (CPM) and cost per order play the same role for internet marketing. The advertiser pays for a thousand impressions of Ad in cost per impression.

While PPC gets an advantage over CPM as it informs about the effectiveness of advertising Ads Visitor’s interest and attention can be measured through clicks. Pay-per-click is an effective advertising model if advertisers want to get traffic and to generate a click to their sites. If advertisers advertise quality content for visitors, then it will affect click through rates.

Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About Pay Per Click

Calculation of CPC:

The word cost-per-click clear its meaning, that it can be calculated by dividing the total cost of advertising by the total number of clicks generated by visitors for any advertisement.

Cost per click ($) = Total advertising cost/ total clicks for advertisement

Two main factors affect the pay-per-click:

  • Flat-rate PPC
  • Bid-based PPC

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Both these factor helps advertiser which of the given source will be potentially valuable for clicks and who will be profitable for advertiser. Because there are different types of visitors. Some visitors only click the advertisement and do not buy it and many of them not only make a click but also the potential source of advertisement as they inform others about that advertisement.

What is Flat-rate PPC?

The agreement is done between Advertiser and publishers about a fixed amount that will be paid by advertisers upon each click made by the visitor. Search engine marketing done by search engines makes a rate card for advertisers containing pay-per-click rates. It is up to the advertiser to decide whether to take a high-rate PPC to get valuable visitors for his/ her advertisement or low-rate PPC for a long-term contract.

Shopping engines promote flat rate by publishing rate cards. When flat rate is minimal advertiser pays more to have many visitors for advertisement.

Pay Per Click

What is Bid-based PPC?

To yield effective results this tool will help you giving Advertising network allows the advertiser to bid more on keywords to get more visitors as compared to other competitors. But advertisers need to inform the Advertising network how much he/she will pay for advertising on these keywords. Ad auction which is an advertising network works out automatically to trigger the visitors for that advertisement suggestions on which area you can bring fruitful changes.

The search engine results page (SERP) includes ad spot and ad auction works automatically to bring visitors towards the destination. When advertiser bids on keywords then search engine compares the competition between advertisers looking at the Geo-location, day and time of search by the visitor and then determined the winner.

Doubts About Pay Per Click

There comes multiple winners who are bidding on keywords that influence the position on-page. Quality score and bid play key role to rank advertisers. The actual amount is paid by advertisers to the Search engine based on bid and for every single click bringing visitors towards them. A winning bidder is charged slightly more by Ad auction than the next bidder. By doing this act keeps alarmed the advertiser to adjust their bids by exceedingly small amounts to see there may be a chance for themselves to win the auction by paying a little bit less per click.

PPC bid management service can be directly used by the advertiser to obtain success and achieve scale. Millions of bids are controlled by PPC bid management service. Each bid is set by bid management service based on goal by advertiser like he/she wants to get maximum profit, huge traffic, and targeted visitor for how much time. Advertiser’s website gets direct contact with the bid management system and is fed by each click-through in which advertisers can set bids

Role of Word Stream in PPC:

PPC bid management service is simple to handle, but many advertisers are not able to grow their business through PPC while investing too much time and bidding on keywords. World Stream advisor software platform tells how to manage pay-per-click and help you how to remain focus on your business by informing you about targeting keywords and many more.

Without this tool, you cannot see data from your campaigns to access in one centralized location. If you are willing to do that this tool will connect securely to your search engine and making you able to see your data and grow your business effectively.

This tool helps a lot in providing you

  1. Highly rated searches
  2. Saving your money through Negative keywords
  • Informing you about Ad performance
  1. Suggestions for bidding.
  2. Ad copy can be improved
  3. Help in land-pages

To yield effective results this tool will help you giving suggestions on which area you can bring fruitful changes.


Pay-per-click helps in customer acquisition and how to stay ahead to competitors. It is a model of search engine where the advertiser can bid on keywords and grow his/her business effectively. Most important it is the platform where any advertiser can spend budget to create direct traffic towards the website.



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